Witness: Victims in double slaying beaten while on ground

      EUGENE, Ore. - Blood evidence suggests their killer bludgeoned Anne McLucas and James Gillette after the two were down on the ground, a forensic scientist said under questioning by prosecutors Tuesday.

      Attorneys for Johan Gillette claim he killed his father and his father's domestic partner in self-defense. Prosecutors appeared to seek to discredit that theory Tuesday as the double-murder trial entered another week.

      Traci Rose testifed that blood spatters around the body were low, indicating the victims were struck several times on the ground.

      Clothing belonging to the defendent and victims were reintroduced as evidence.

      The witness pointed out bleach-like stains on articles worn by McLucas. That is important in the state's case theorizing the defendent attempted to cover up evidence.

      An experiement conducted by Rose suggests markings could have been caused by a cleaning solution found in a spray bottle at the crime scene.

      The scientist later examined clothing seized from the defendent's washing machine after the double slaying.

      "It looked like dark-colored items that had been washed in bleach," Rose said.