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      Tonight: Tonight we will see mostly clear skies and overnight lows in the mid to low 20s. We will also see some Freezing Fog that could make roads slick around dawn. Take caution on area roads in the early morning hours.

      Weekend: We will start out with mostly clear skies and patchy freezing fog with temperatures well below freezing. The Fog and Ice will burn off and melt around 10 AM. In the afternoon high pressure will keep building into the region keeping the skies clear but helping to keep pumping cold arctic air into the region. Highs will only be in the upper 30s to mid 40s. Thanks to strong off-shore flow we will see highs on the coast only in the mid 40s under sunny skies.

      Next Week: High pressure will start to break down on Sunday evening allowing the first of several week disturbances and mild cold fronts to roll into the region. We will see mostly cloudy skies throughout the week with a chance of Rain & Showers almost every day. however, the best chances for Showers will be in the later part of the work week.

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