'We give them a chance to... get an education through self-expression'

      EUGENE, Ore. - The Off The Wall Graffiti foundation stopped in Eugene this week while on their 22-city tour documenting street art across the country. The Off The Wall group is filming a documentary titled "This Or That", which will feature live art battles and paint-offs throughout the cities.

      Off The Wall member Darrin McLaughlin said their foundation doesn't support vandalism; rather works to give people an avenue for self-expression. As their name implies, the group works to give young local graffiti artists a means to get their art off the wall and onto a canvas

      The main focus of the 75-day trip is their documentary, but they also want to broaden the reach of their foundation. Off The Wall also sets up college savings accounts for young artists.

      "We give them a chance to earn an income, make a living, get an education through their self-expression," said McLaughlin.

      You can donate to Off The Wall's cause or follow along with the trip on their website.