'We are on a mission to create smiles on children's faces'

      EUGENE, Ore. Love Your Melon, a non-profit organization helping children battling cancer, visited Eugene this week.

      The non-profit began as a school project until two Minnesota students decided their idea could make a real impact.

      Love Your Melon is currently visiting 20 cities across the Western United States, selling hats.

      For each purchase, a second hat is donated to children with cancer in the hospital.

      "We are on a mission to create smiles on children's faces. For every hat we sell, we match that, and donate it to a child in the hospital," said Michelle Sagan of Love Your Melon.

      Katie Gruys learned about the organization's tour from her friend and Love Your Melon Co-Founder.

      As a University of Oregon student and basketball player, she knew her and her peers could make a difference.

      "Duck fans are crazy and we all support each other. I know their record is 140 so hopefully we can beat that," Gruys said.

      By the end of the day, Love Your Melon set a tour record, selling 142 hats.

      Details on purchasing products from the foundation can be found at