Watch: The rescue, rehab, and release of a young black bear

      MONROE, Wash. - An underweight black bear that was rehabilitated after living off a Redmond family's bird feeder was released into the wild Thursday afternoon.

      The release of an animal back to the wild is an exciting assignment to cover. Nobody knows quite what will happen and most of the time the animal bolts so fast you only get a few seconds of good video.

      So to make the most of the short opportunity we had, I set out 3 extra other small cameras, two GoPros and a Canon S100, and hoped they'd capture the scene.

      In June, officers used a doughnut to lure the 1-year-old bear when they realized she was underweight, and brought her to PAWS for rehabilitation. Naturalists reintroduced the bear to her native diet of skunk cabbage and berries, and discovered she doesn't like radishes or watermelon.

      We followed a caravan into a remote mountainous area along the Cascades for the bear's release.

      With the encouragement of two barking Karelian bear dogs, as well as beanbag and noisemaker guns, the bear bolted. She was in the woods after just three seconds.

      Learn more about PAWS or help out by visiting their website.