Travel company cuts staff after UO athletics moves business to Texas

      SPRINGFIELD, Ore. - After 16 years using Premier Travel to book travel for athletic teams, the University of Oregon switched to a Texas-based company.

      Premier Travel representatives said the shift in business forced them to reduce their staff by 2 people.

      Oregon chose Anthony Travel of Texas to take over the work, a move that will save the department $30,000.

      School officials cite other benefits, too.

      "They have excellent technology, provide great data back to us on our own travel and they also are going to have somebody right here within the athletic department," said Craig Pintens with the UO athletic department.

      Anthony Travel handles the accounts of many large collegiate teams.

      Lauri Quinby, co-owner of premier travel, was disapointed with the news.

      Two employees responsible for the athletics account lost their jobs.

      Peggy Hamlin, one of those let go, handled travel for the school's sports teams for almost 30 years.

      "For us, having been with the university through good times and bad, we've been there for 16 years, and Peggy for even longer," said Quinby. "That's hard to take"

      Quinby wishes Oregon had given Premier Travel the opportunity to make a counter offer.