Tow truck procession for Veneta volunteer firefighter: 'To show them how much we appreciated Ross'

      VENETA, Ore. -- The town of Veneta remembered one of their own on Sunday with a tow truck and motorcycle ride honoring Ross Stang, who died in a motorcycle crash in mid-May.

      As a volunteer firefighter and a tow truck driver, Stang played a large role in the lives of many Veneta residents. Co-workers, family and friends held a tow truck and motorcycle procession to honor the late 29-year-old Ross Stang.

      "The motorcycles and tow trucks here, those were some of his favorite things besides being on the fire department (He) was an enormous loss," said Micky Clement, Stang's business partner and friend.

      Clement describes Stang as happy and selfless; a man who will forever be a part of his happiest memories.

      "This ride is also to show support for his family that he left behind. It's really to show them how much we appreciated Ross and how much we all respected him," said Clement.

      A respect that lives on, even after Stang has passed away.

      The tow truck funeral procession traveled from Veneta into downtown Eugene.