'They have a talent and it's being passed on to others'

      EUGENE, Ore. - Kids are picking up needle and thread to sew up some pillow cases for men and women serving in the military overseas.

      The group of eight children spends the first Saturday of each month stitching pillow cases for deployed soldiers.

      Currently they've made nearly 200 pillow cases, about 100 shy of their goal of fitting each member of the 162nd infantry division with their own special pillow case.

      11-year-old Katrina Carrier helped form the group with her sewing teacher Fredricka Smithies.

      "I wanted to sew, so I went to a sewing place and they gave me her card," said Carrier. "I've been sewing ever since."

      Katrina then spread the word to her friends. Now she is joined by eight others each month to make these pillowcases in Fredricka's house.

      10-year-old Maya Reddy said it isn't just a hobby, it's about giving back.

      "Both my parents were in the military so it makes me feel kind of good to help the people in with them," said Reddy.

      This isn't the first project the group has done, Fredricka's students have also made pillow cases for cancer patients and a quilt for the armory.

      "We will do projects throughout the year just because they enjoy giving. They have a talent and it's being passed onto others and it's something that will carry on with them throughout their life," said Smithies.

      While they do spend some of their time making the pillow cases, the group says they also design their own accessories and do other sewing projects.

      Fredricka says the pillow case project is donation based. If you want to donate fabric or money to the group send Smithies an email at