'The fires are getting bigger, they're getting hotter, they're more damaging'

      Pacific Northwest fire crews are in the midst of a record-breaking fire season. Fire officials said the northwest could flare back up as temperatures start to climb in the coming weeks.

      Crews are battling blazes that have already consumed a total exceeding 1,400 square miles of forest land in Oregon and Washington.

      Senator Ron Wyden said Sunday that he's working to take the politics out of the wildfire discussion on Capitol Hill by trying to convince other lawmakers that this is truly a national problem.

      He plans to advance two pieces of legislation in the senate this week. One would provide an additional $615 million to help fight wildfires while the other focuses on prevention.

      "What is indisputable is that the fires are getting bigger, they're getting hotter, they're more damaging, and they are coming earlier," Wyden said.

      Cool weather earlier this week helped crews fight the Carlton Complex, the biggest fire in Washington history.

      Fire managers said the Carlton Complex is now 60 percent contained, after burning upwards of 300 homes.

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