Summer child safety: 'Wear a helmet'

      EUGENE, Ore. - School is out, and kids are running as wild and free as the season.

      That brings safety to the forefront of many parents' minds.

      Parents we spoke with all said the same thing: safety near roads is their paramount concern.

      That means kids aren't darting into the street, and know to check both ways before crossing the road.

      Another big concern is bike safety, something that mom Amanda Benetiz says she's very strict about.

      "We have helmets on all of our bikes," she said. "We go bike riding as a family."

      It's a habit dad and grandfather Steve Pelkey agrees with.

      "Whether it's biking, skating, they're on a scooter, anything they do, they wear a helmet," he said.

      Pelkey's home has a pool, and he says he is also very diligent about water safety.

      "They don't go near the pool unless we're there, and they use flotation devices rather than just being in the pool without them."

      If your kids are old enough to go out and play on your own, make sure you know where they're going.

      If plans change, tell kids they must contact a parent.