Springtime means kitten season, and Greenhill prepares foster cat families

      EUGENE, Ore. -- Springtime is upon us, and Greenhill Humane Society said the change in seasons brings in a lot of newborn kittens.

      Leaders from the 1st Avenue shelter taught a class Saturday on how to care for the newborn cats, including hands-on lessons on bottle feeding kittens.

      Reporesentative Sasha Elliot said their new course is useful for those considering the big commitment of becoming foster families for the baby felines.

      "As a foster family you're able to really nurture, and care for, and socialize a young animal that ultimately will grow up to be healthy and give someone a lifetime of love," said Elliot.

      To help stop the influx of kittens born in the spring, Greenhill urges owners to spay or neuter their cats.