Snow doesn't slow Christmas tree sales

      EUGENE, Ore. Christmas trees are big business in Oregon.

      But is the weather impacting sales?

      According to the Pacific Northwest Christmas Tree Association, over 6 million pine trees were harvested in Oregon in 2013.

      And while the frigid temperatures did slow down some industries, Christmas tree vendors in Lane County say they've seen a consistent stream of customers.

      "We were worried before the storm, but it's been pretty steady," says Robert Ridings of Big's Trees in West Eugene.

      Ridings tells us the only difference this year is the form in which residents will find their tree.

      Due to freezing temperatures, the trees have remained wrapped in netting. Therefore, customers are unable to see exactly what their fluffy firs look like thawed out.

      But there is an easy way to remedy the situation.

      And many places, like Big's are offering purchasers a replacement tree if they're unhappy with their initial investment.

      "They're frozen and whenever you untie them, they're still going to be a beanpole. When you get it home, wash it off, let it dry, shake it out and if it comes back the tree that you want, then you're happy. But if not, come back here and we'll make you happy," Ridings says.

      Retailers say despite the cold temperatures, the quality of this year's harvest is excellent.