Skulls found in Wash. Goodwill's donations: 'These are human remains, you wouldn't turn in an arm or a leg'

      BELLEVUE, Wash. - Goodwill Stores gladly accept odd donations, but if you inherit human remains the medical examiner's office asks that you to drop them off with the authorities.

      A Goodwill Store in Bellevue, Washington received a box of human skulls in their regular donation bins this summer.

      All three of the skulls, found wrapped in clothing and scarves, are in the medical examiner's office.

      "These are human remains, you wouldn't turn in an arm or a leg or an ear, why would you turn in a skull," said Forensic Anthropologist Kathy Taylor.

      Taylor says two of the skulls have been bleached and shellacked, most likely for clinical or teaching purposes. She says the third is more than a 100 years old

      "The Native American remains of a small child," said Taylor.

      And needs to be repatriated but doesn't know which tribe.

      "They don't belong in anybody's garage; they belong with their tribe, with their descendants who can care for them appropriately," Taylor said.

      The Washington Goodwill Stores put out more than 100,000 items a day, and officials don't know who donated the skulls.

      "We get a lot of unusual items donated to us through the years. Ashes, urns, gold teeth, individually donated to us," said Katherine Boury, a Seattle Goodwill spokesperson.