Roseburg rallies behind young mother with cancer

      ROSEBURG, Ore. - Elissa Bogardus is a young mother recently diagnosed with stage 4 cancer.

      Her fight is a daunting one, but she isn't doing it alone.

      The community has rallied to support her in several ways.

      A group calling themselves Elissa's Army has set up a Facebook page along with a website which has so far raised more than $55,000.

      There's also a benefit concert and a 5k run scheduled in the coming weeks.

      "It's sort of funny for me because I just feel like I'm just a normal girl, you know?" Bogardus said. "I mean I don't know why there's so much."

      The support isn't just coming from those who know her, however.

      Sheila Nielsen and Stacie Hanna own Lady Gorilla, a clothing company with an aim to empower women.

      When they heard about Elissa's story, they knew they had to help, even though they're strangers.

      "As a mom, I can't even imagine what she's going through," Nielson said. "So we wanted to be able to give her some support."

      "Her story was so touching that it was one of those things you just couldn't pass up," said Hanna. "I couldn't, if we didn't do anything, it would have bothered me."

      They specially designed tank tops and t-shirts they're now selling for $20, all of which goes directly to Elissa.

      You can find those on their website.