PSA created by UO students wins Peabody Award

      EUGENE, Ore. - The man creeps towards a woman slumped unconscious on a couch, then turns to address the camera.

      "Hey bros, guess who's passed out on the couch?" he says. "Guess what I"m going to do to her?"

      The man reaches for the passed out woman - and places a pillow under her head. He then grabs a blanket and tucks her in.

      The public service announcement, made in the wake of a 2012 case where two football players were accused of raping an unconscious girl and then posting photos and videos of the crime online, is titled "A Needed Response."

      "Real men treat women with respect," the PSA says.

      "A lot of victim blaming going around and in general focusing on the boys' future and what was going to happen to them instead of what will happen to a survivor of sexual assault," said Samantha Stendal, co-producer.

      The video earned producers Stendal and Aaron Blanton - both students at the University of Oregon - widespread attention when it first hit YouTube.

      And after 3 million views in over 100 countries, it earned the pair a Peabody Award.

      "Short, simple and spot-on in its critique of rape culture, the ingenious PSA by two University of Oregon students takes just 25 seconds to make its point that real men treat women with respect," the judges wrote.

      "It's really crazy to see how far it spread and makes me really happy because it shows people are willing to take part in this conversation," Stendal said.