Proposed Starbucks drive-thru doesn't worry local coffee stands

      EUGENE, Ore. - The City of Eugene confirmed that Starbucks has proposed locating a drive-thru coffee shop near the corner of Coburg Road and Chad Drive.

      Local drive-thru coffee stands said doing business this way instead of having a store front equates to convenience for the customer.

      "People don't have to find a parking spot and take the time to get out of it," said Rachel McAllinster at the Quick Fix on south Willamette. "It is a convenience factor, and a lot of people go for that."

      "It rains a lot; you don't have to get out of your car," said Kat Smith, owner of the Greatfull Grind, "so you're in your car, you take it, you're on your way to work."

      Local drive thru coffee stands aren't worried about Starbucks moving in because of the community support.

      The Amazon Coffee Company says small businesses thrive over chains here because people care about keeping it local.

      "Starbucks has their own drive thru that they've been doing for a little while as well as their cafe, but there's something about local coffee places - the organic coffee, the syrups, like we make our own drinks that are special," said Trinity James.