On the road again: Veteran tours country helping other veterans

      EUGENE, Ore. - Lisa Groves hit the road in 2011, visiting 48 states over 5 months.

      This year, she's been to 14 states.

      But she isn't a tourist: she's a military veteran on a one-woman mission to reach out to other veterans and help them in whatever ways she can.

      "I was helping people when I was homeless," she said. "When I go to a homeless shelter, I was like the big mama. People came to me and I started really getting involved. My daughter said, 'Mama you've been helping veterans way before you got out of the service.'"

      Groves has gifted food, water, blankets - she even paid for a fellow veteran's electricity bill. She calls her effort Veteran's Connection.

      Groves also carries teddy bears with her. She asks strangers to hold them and tell her their stories.

      Groves funds these journeys and good deeds mostly out of her own pocket.

      All she asks is that people sign her car.

      Meet Lisa Groves #LiveOnKMTR NewsSource 16 on Tuesday, Oct. 1, 2013