Mrs. Lane County International takes on impaired driving: 'Buzzed driving is drunk driving'

      EUGENE, Ore. -- Michelle Damon's family was involved with a drunk driving crash. From that point on she's been advocating against driving under the influence.

      After taking the crown as Mrs. Lane County International, Damon is in the running for Mrs. Oregon - a competition that celebrates married women. Each contestant must pick a platform during her reign, and Damon chose to take a stance against impaired driving.

      "There's just always another option to driving impaired, always," said Damon, who is the director of the DUII Victim Impact Panel, "The victims that we work with are affected for a lifetime. When someone loses a loved one, that pain never goes away."

      One responsibility Michelle has as director is to work with different agencies to inform people of alternatives to driving drunk.

      "The option is always there for you to call a cab. Call a friend. That's a friend who hasn't been drinking, not a friend that drank less than you, because when we talk about drunk driving, buzzed driving is drunk driving," said Devon.

      Parents might get mad if their underage child has been drinking, but Devon said most would prefer a phone call to finding out their son or daughter got behind the wheel while impaired.

      "It's very important that kids know that they can always call their parents. The consequence of maybe getting grounded might be there but I will tell you this - it's every parent's wish that their child will come home," said Michelle.