Men injured while trying to detain burglar

      EUGENE, Ore. - Two Eugene men were injured when they interrupted a burglary in their North Eugene home Sunday afternoon.

      Around 2:30 pm, Tyler Smiderle and his partner, Curtis, were returning home on Providence Street when they noticed a car parked in front of their house.

      As they tried entering the property, they realized the door frame has been broken.

      Upon entrance, they found a man clutching a backpack, computers and jewelry. Surprised, the suspect fled out their backdoor.

      Smiderle followed the suspect, while his partner called police.

      The burglar was able to get to the front of the house, and jump in his car.

      The men tried to stop the car before the suspect pulled away.

      Curtis stood in front of the vehicle, and Smiderle reached into the car, trying to grab the stolen property.

      "I stuck my arm in and tried to pull out my backpack from the small gap that the window was open, and he just kind of drove off. And my partner rolled up onto the roof and fell off the car and then I was just kind of like being dragged," Smiderle said

      Eventually, Smiderle freed himself.

      While his boyfriend only obtained some scrapes, Smiderle broke his wrist.

      Police are still looking for the suspect, described as a male with straight blond hair, 6 feet, 170 pounds. The car that the suspect was driving is believed to have been stolen. Eugene police are looking for a 4-door Nissan Maxima sedan.