Looking for work? Employment Department profiles top vacancies

      EUGENE, Ore. - A new state report shows unemployment rates fell last year from 7.3 percent in November to 7.1 in December.

      Every single county in Oregon saw unemployment fall.

      Yet many Oregonians are still looking for work.

      The good news is 2/3 of the job vacancies in 2013 didn't require education beyond high school. Half paid over $15 an hour.

      And many were hard to fill, like truck drivers. The more than 1,000 openings in that sector were the hardest to fill, open more than 60 days.

      IITR Truck School in Creswell said training takes anywhere from 2 to 12 weeks depending on the program.

      Truck drivers told NewsSource 16 that layoffs hardly exist in their business.

      And while life on the road isn't for everyone, some drivers love it.

      "You're not confined to four walls. You are your own boss really when you're on the road," said Doug Russell, a trucker for over 35 years. "Our pay is real good. I get my bills paid and I still have money left over."

      Also on the list are registered nurses, customer service representatives and software developers.