Lebanon gets grant on trail plan: 'It's so natural and open'

      LEBANON, Ore. -- Lebanon's trail building community hopes to be laying down a milestone this summer.

      The City of Lebanon and the citizen's group Build Lebanon Trails expect to be one-third complete with their 30-year-plan that would build a trail connecting the north and south side of town.

      The trail would give people a path to walk or bike.

      The plan garnered a $58,000 grant to repair and expand the current trails.

      "The City of Lebanon is committed to the walking and biking community and one of the best ways we do that is by having partnerships with non-profits in the community," said City Manager Dana Hlavac.

      Hlavac said the city is donating extra people-power to Build Lebanon Trails.

      Rodney Sells, member of the Lebanon Trails Committee, said the grant will help pay for the project's $126,000 costs. His citizen's group will donate $15,000 received from other grants.

      "This is the place that you take people to see when they come and visit Lebanon. It's so natural and open," Sells said.

      Sells said when the project was being proposed back in 2005, the Trails committee wasn't sure how long things will piece together, but he said he was pleased with the progress that has been made in the last 10 years.

      There is also another trail that will undergo improvements on the north side of Lebanon that will eventually be linked to the Cheadle Lake trails.

      The planned completion is aimed to be around mid-July.