Klamath County Sheriff visits deputy shot in the line of duty who is now recovering at Portland hospital

      PORTLAND, Ore. -- Klamath County Sheriff's Deputy Jason Weber was shot in the face and chest during a traffic stop in Klamath Falls on Wednesday, and authorities arrested the shooting suspect after a nearly 18-hour manhunt.

      30-year-old William Jack Parkerson was arrested in Chiloquin, a small town about 20 miles north of where Weber was shot. He's been charged with attempted aggravated murder with a firearm and assault with a firearm.

      Deputy Weber, 40, was immediately flown to Oregon Health and Sciences University where he was listen in Critical condition. He's since underwent a few surgeries and will be in the Intensive Care Unit for several more days.

      The Klamath County Sheriff made a 10 hour round-trip to Portland Sunday to visit Deputy Weber in the hospital.

      "It's hard to see one of the kids that works for you like that," said Sheriff Frank Skrah. "(But) he was happy. He gave me one of these. And a thumbs up. He can't smile because he's got tubes in him."

      Doctors at OHSU reconstructed his face on Friday with titanium plates.

      "His face is swollen horrifically; number one from the gunshot wound, and then the other is from the surgery," said Sheriff Skrah.

      The sheriff said Deputy Weber never returned fire after William Jack Parkerson shot him last week.

      When asked if he believed Parkerson was trying to kill Deputy Weber, Sheriff Skrah said, "You damn right he was trying to kill him. This is an ex-con that got out of prison in February, and he had so much regard for the system and society that he didn't bother reporting to his parole officer. He's been running ever since."

      After the shooting, Sheriff Skrah said Deputy Weber was able to use his radio to guide other officers to him.

      "When I first saw him when I got there, up against the push bar of that car and starting to go down, blood squirting out from his face and his gut, it scared the hell out of me. He's strong and his tactics saved his life," the sheriff said.

      A neighbor also helped Deputy Weber before medics arrived. Sheriff Skrah called that man a hero.

      "He came out, grabbed a bath towel wrapped it around his face stopped some of the bleeding and he didn't know whether that shooter was still there or not," Sheriff Skrah said.

      Deputy Weber will remain at OHSU until he is stable enough to travel home to Klamath Falls. Sheriff Skrah said the plan is to eventually fly the deputy back home. Another Klamath County deputy owns a medic transport plane, which will be used for that trip. That deputy also donated the plane to initially fly Deputy Weber to Portland.

      A fund has been set up for donations for Deputy Weber's medical care. Click here for more information about that fund.