Investing in children's futures with a 'cash' course on savings accounts

      EUGENE, Ore. -- Even though it might be hard for children to save their allowance, two local agencies are working together to teach a group of kids the importance of spending money wisely.

      The group of 36 children involved in St. Vincent de Paul's affordable housing program got and in-depth tour of an Oregon Community Credit Union branch.

      After a walk-through of the bank's security vault, the children heard from experts on the importance of saving.

      "(It's) the whole concept of having an idea of what you're up against when you have a plan," said Debra Smothers, the Resident Coordinator for St. Vincent de Paul's, "So it was a great opportunity for them to be thinking for those things you want in life."

      St. Vincent de Paul's Golf Committee gave each child $5 so they could open up their own savings account.