Defense rests in double murder trial

      EUGENE, Ore. - The defense rested its case after another day of testimony from people who described one of the victims of a double homicide as a violent and explosive person, a characterization key to the accused's claim of self-defense.

      Former coworkers described the late James Gillette as violent and explosive as defense attorneys for Gillette's son Johan continued to make the case that the son killed his father and his father's girlfriend in self-defense.

      Attorney's Mark Sabitt and Dan Koening seem to be emphasizing a pattern of behavior in James Gillette that impacted those people who knew the victim.

      Four former Eugene firefighters were called to the stand, describing incidents with James Gillette in a professional environment. The same theme of an explosive and violent man were forwarded by all four.

      According to testimony, James Gillette threatened the lives of several colleagues and supervisors who disciplined him during his tenure on the force.

      Last week, Johan Gillette took the stand and described what he remembers from the fight that resulted in the death of his father and his father's girlfriend, Anne McLucas.

      In the next phase of the trial, the defense and prosecution will give their closing arguments.

      The two sides will work with the judge to give the jury instructions, at which point Johan Gillette's fate will rest with the jury.