Bridge work to disrupt Delta Highway overnight

      EUGENE, Ore. - The signs on Beltine notify drivers that change is coming August 19 along Delta Highway.

      "Tonight the equipment will come out, materials will come out," said project manager Scott Gillespie, "and in the morning everything will be open to full traffic in the morning."

      A crew of about two dozen will be working until 6 a.m. Wednesday building a new bridge expasnion on Goodpasture Island Road over Delta Highway.

      "What's happening right now is we need to work on the center supports for the structure. That's in the middle of the Delta Highway," Gillespie said. "So to do that we need to get cranes and equiptment out in the middle and that's the need to shut down the Delta Highway for the night."

      Delta Highway northbound lanes will still be open. Same thing goes for Goodpasture Island Road. But you should expect delays.

      Gillespie said it's somewhat unusal for a developer to have to redo a bridge but said the expansion is necessary since traffic backups in this area are common.

      "Afterwards there will be a new bridge on the northside of the project that will increase vehicle capacity. Also it will add new turn lanes so it will relieve some of the congestion that we have here," Gillespie said.

      This won't be the last overnight closure on Delta Highway, so watch those signs.