Auto body shops busy as treacherous roads trigger car accidents

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      EUGENE, Ore. - As snow blanketed the city in snow last Friday, 911 got a report of a car crash every 3 minutes over the course of 12 hours.

      In the days since, many schools have remained closed due to the potentially hazardous driving conditions.

      Auto body shops in Lane County have seen a spike in business unlike any other in recent history, according to those in the industry.

      The surge is a result of the winter weather conditions.

      Byron Davis owns Auto Body Specialties in Springfield. He says it's been a decade since business was this busy.

      "It's been almost out of control the last five days. There's been tow trucks lined up just one after another for, like I said, 8 hours a day pretty much," Davis estimates.

      The major issues being fixed by mechanics are body damage and suspension issues, both results of hitting curbs and other vehicles at slow speeds.

      Driving experts suggest slowing down, leaving more stopping space, and investing in studded tired or chains to keep your car on the road when conditions are tricky.

      Shops are packed, and making an appointment is a challenge according to Dustin Caldwell of Old Dominion Collision in Eugene.

      "Since the snow we have just filled up. Our parking lot is over capacity. We were scheduling 2-3 days out prior to the storm. Now, we're 2-3 weeks out," Caldwell says.

      "Generally you never see any collision due to going too slow or allowing too much room in front of you," explains Davis.