Lost a Pet?

      It is your responsibility to look for your pet. The following suggestions will help to ensure you get your pet back home soon as possible.

      Check our list of animals received at the Lane County Animal Regulation Authority shelter.

      Check with your local animal control agency immediately! Lane County Animal Regulation Authority is required to hold your animal for three (3) business days if it is not wearing valid I.D. and five (5) business days if your animal does have some form of valid identification. If your animal is displaying tags that are not traceable, such as an invalid address or disconnected phone number, your animal will be held for only (3) business days.

      We can NOT tell you on the phone if your animal is here. You must come into the shelter during our normal office hours to identify your pet. You may ask the office staff to check the dispatch log, found reports and dead animal file. If your animal is not at the shelter, be sure to fill out a lost report.

      Pets may NOT be redeemed by friends or relatives unless they live in the same household. Pet owner's must show photo identification before the pet will be released.

      Check other shelters in your area. If you lose your pet close to the Lane County border, check with the shelter in the bordering County.

      Check in the newspapers under found a pet, and pets for sale.

      Albany Dog Control
      (541) 967-3925

      Benton County Dog Control
      (541) 753-0732

      Central Oregon Humane Society-Bend
      (541) 382-3537

      *Coburg, City of, Contact Police Dept.
      (541) 682-7853

      Corvallis Animal Control
      (541) 757-0831

      *Cottage Grove, City of
      (541) 942-5501

      *Creswell, City of, Contact Layl or Kathy
      (541) 895-2531

      Douglas County Animal Control
      (541) 440-4328

      *Greenhill Humane Society
      (541) 689-1503

      *Florence Humane Society
      (541) 997-4277

      Heartland Humane Society-Corvallis
      (541) 757-9000

      *Junction City, Contact Police Dept.
      (541) 998-1245

      Linn County Animal Control
      (541) 967-3925

      Linn Humane Society-Albany
      (541) 928-2789

      *Lowell, City of, Contact Diana
      (541) 937-2157

      *Oakridge, City of
      (541) 782-2258

      Roseburg SPCA
      (541) 679-4798

      *Springfield Animal Control
      (541) 726-3634

      *Veneta, City of
      (541) 935-2191

      Willamette Valley Humane Society-Salem
      (541) 585-5900

      *West Fir, City of, Contact Beth or Chris
      (541) 782-3733

      EMERGENCY VET CLINIC * * * * * * *
      (541) 746-0112

      *Represents animal control agencies and humane societies in the Lane County area.

      Check with the road maintenance departments for dead animal pick-up info.

      City of Eugene
      Lane County

      City of Springfield
      Oregon State Hwy