Komen Oregon invests money in local cancer resources

      EUGENE, Ore. - Komen Oregon has invested about $29 million here in the state. It recently awarded a grant to the Willamette Valley Cancer Institute to create a support group for newly diagnosed women.

      It's invested $160,000 to create a patient navigator program at Oregon Imaging Centers.

      Komen Oregon is also heavily involved in funding breast cancer research.

      "We've provided over $11 million to scientists and researchers right here in Oregon," said Thomas Bruner, CEO of Komen Oregon. "Those are the people who are looking for the cures that will help end breast cancer forever, help us reduce incidence of breast cancer, and help up reduce mortality from breast cancer."

      Money raised from Race for the Cure also helps provide important screenings to low income women and provides transportation so women in rural areas can get to treatment.

      Komen also works to educate women and men about the disease and how to protect themselves.