Experience winter on snowshoes: 'Enjoy the beautiful snow and forest'

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      BEND, Ore. You don't need a lift ticket to get a good view of the mountains in Oregon. In this week's all in a day's drive, we'll strap in for hike through the deep snow on a journey through some of Oregon's forests.

      While skiers and snowboarders are taking the chair lift to the summit on Mount Bachelor, this group has something a little more relaxing in mind.

      "I was really rusty at skiing, and I wasn't sure I wanted to get back into it," first-time snowshoer Lynne Rossi said. Rossi and a group of friends traveled from Eugene to try out the sport.

      "It seemed a lot safer," Lee Rumbarger said. "And also, a lot more peaceful. A way to enjoy the beautiful snow and forest here."

      With one foot in front of the other, the group makes its own path over, under and around the large evergreens with a guide leading the way.

      "Our whole goal is to get up into this old growth mountain hemlock forest and find a place that's tucked away - a little bit lost - and explore," guide Daniel Cosgrove said. Cosgrove leads snowshoe hikes through Wanderlust Tours in Bend.

      The novice snowshoers will find plenty of exploring a short drive from Bend, through parts of the woods where not a soul has tread all year.

      "Snowshoeing is something you start doing. You quickly forget that's what you're doing. In the end, you're just seeing something new," Cosgrove said.

      You don't have to go all the way to Bend just to try snowshoeing. For instance, the River House in Eugene offers a family snowshoe day, in which they teach families about the sport. They'll even handle the driving.

      "A lot of folks don't get up into the mountains because they don't like to drive. So we offer transportation," outdoor instructor Anne Borland said. "We have a lot of the gear they'd need, so it makes it very easy and cost effective."

      Just a few ways you can dash through the snow without riding the lift and without the poles. The River House will offer a Family Snowshoe Day on Monday, Feb. 17. The bus leaves from the River House at 8:30 a.m.