Antiques and good eats in Douglas County

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      ROSEBURG, Ore. John Baird may have left his heart and his cats in Roseburg, but the rest of his treasures are back in Arkansas City, Kansas.

      That's why he makes frequent trips hauling them back piece by piece.

      "You can get a lot of stuff on a 24-foot-long trailer and a gooseneck flatbed with 4-foot sides," Baird joked.

      "I always get the first choice of everything, so it's like Christmas when he comes back," John's wife Kay said.

      Those gifts come to their almost-final resting place at Riversdale Valley Farm just outside Roseburg.

      "We don't care if they buy anything or not. We just enjoy having them come out and look and appreciate and enjoy seeing the stuff," John said.

      Baird is quick to point out that the farm is not an antique store. That would technically violate the land use. Instead, they call it a barn sale. Many items have price tags. Others are just for show. But every item out here has a story.

      "They used the oil that they saved out of the old engines. Hogs would rub, scratch and itch on them and get it on their skin. And it'd help to control the hog lice," John said while demonstrating an old, rusty hog oiler.

      Speaking of pigging out, here's a place you can go, especially if you've got bagels on the brain. Bagel Tree Caf on Jackson Street, where the bagels grow on trees and appetites are put to bed.

      "This is really like my dream, even way back in the Phillippines, to have my own bagel shop and bakery," manager Leny Delacruz said.

      Delacruz and her husband took over the popular spot six years ago. With seemingly endless combinations, you can have your way at this friendly breakfast and lunch spot.

      "I had Canadian bacon, cream cheese with pineapple on a cheddar cheese bagel," customer Pati Lipsey said.

      "Sometimes, even if it's not on the menu, if a customer asks for it, we'll just do it for them," Delacruz said.

      Two places where their owners are living the American dream. And you can find both all in a day's drive.

      Riversdale Valley Farm is open by appointment for those who call ahead. Next month, Baird says he'll drive back to Kansas to load up on more collectibles.