'A mecca for not only finding agates, jaspers, petrified wood, but also fossils'

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      LINCOLN CITY, Ore. You never know what will wash up on the beach in Oregon. And Lincoln City is prized for its natural and handmade wonders just waiting to be found.

      It's wet and windy on the Oregon coast, but you'll still find beach goers up and down the surf in Lincoln City. But it's after the storm when buried treasures are unearthed by the waves.

      "So as long as the ocean is pulling sand out and not pushing sand in, it's exposing bars of gravel that're there all the time, they're just hiding under the sand," Rock Your World store owner Laura Joki said.

      That's precisely why geology buffs venture to Lincoln City to stroll the beach with a sharp eye.

      "Lincoln County is a mecca for not only finding agates, jaspers, petrified wood, but also fossils out of the Astoria Formation," Joki said.

      After a short, but wet hike, even a novice rock hunter can find a few colorful stones.

      "These are some country rocks, what we call leaverite, meaning leave 'er right there," Joki said.

      It's not just agates that rock hounds should be on the lookout for. Lincoln City also hides a number of glass floats, colorful pieces of blown glass along the beach.

      "They can be anywhere on the seven and a half miles of beach we have in Lincoln City. And a good place to start is usually the public beach access," Scott Humpert said. Humpert is the public relations coordinator for the Lincoln City visitor and convention bureau.

      Humpert admits, the floats are not technically buried, just cleverly hidden in spots along the sand.

      "We see a lot of activity on Facebook from people displaying their finds and people being a little bit jealous. They'll comment, 'Oh, I wish I would've got that color scheme,' or 'Oh! I was just at that spot and I missed it!'" Humpert said.

      The city is sweetening the deal, hiding 2,014 floats or one for every year. And if you venture to this popular seaside spot, you may just find one all in a day's drive.

      Lincoln City's Finders Keepers program continues through May 26. Every hidden float has a number on the bottom. If you find one, you can bring it to the visitors center for a certificate of authenticity as well as a biography of the artist who made the float.