4,165 miles by car, boat, kayak and bike with one cause: Fighting cancer

      SEASIDE, Ore. - Two men from Lane County are covering more ground right now in their fight against cancer.

      Gary Hinds and Fred Fort are four days into a month-long journey that will follow the same trail Lewis & Clark forged 210 years ago, but in reverse.

      They left Seaside on Sunday, July 6, and are heading for St. Louis, Missouri.

      Their mission is to raise money for the Oregon Cancer Foundation, which offers financial support locally to people fighting all forms of cancer.

      Hinds and Fort have been friends since childhood and they've each had people in their lives impacted by the disease.

      They will cover 4,165 miles by car, boat, kayak and bike, raising money through donations from individuals and businesses including Cabelas, Les Scwab and The Pape Group.

      They will also visit cancer centers in cities along the way and help spread hope and inspiration to survivors.

      You can follow their journey on Facebook.