4 proposals on table for future of Eugene Civic Stadium

      EUGENE, Ore. - Two of the proposals for Eugene Civic Stadium preserve the grandstands.

      Two promise to preserve elements of the property's past even as they transform the property - one into a retail shopping center, the other a YMCA complex and neighborhood.

      Since the Eugene Emeralds played their last game at Civic in 2009, the owner of the property - the Eugene 4J School District - has weighed its options.

      With 4 offers in response to a request for proposals, the district's board of trustees is poised to decide by next February whether to sell the property for more than $4 million - or grant the property back to the community for less than $20.

      The Civic site in South Eugene is considered "surplus property" by the school district.

      "The property isn't needed for educational purposes," said Kerry Delf with the Eugene 4J School District.

      The city of eugene is offering $4.5 million to build an athletic and recreatation venue, with plans to perserve the grandstands. That offer is contingent on another party pleding $5.5 million to renovate the facility.

      The Friends of Civic Stadium also propose creating a recreation venue that preserves the grandstands.

      "All we have to do is get it," said Dennis Hebert with Friends of Civic. "We don't have to build it for them to come. They're already coming to see if they can get in."

      The friends have offered $16.56 for the property, the current value of $1 in 1938, according to the proposal.

      A developer working with Fred Meyer has offered $5 million, paid over 20 years.

      And the Eugene YMCA has put together a $4 million offer, part of a plan to build a new Y, as well as new homes.

      "When kids are not in school, many of them are at the YMCA," said Julie Grossman with the Y. "We're the largest child care provider in Lane County."

      The Y's offer also includes after-school programs for 4J students.

      No decision is expected until February 2014.

      "The school board will consider the purposals in January," Delf said. "They may interview, try to get more information about the proposals, try to have any questions answered that they may have, before moving forward to make a decision in February, if we stay on the schedule as proposed."