School staffer gave life protecting kids: 'My estimation is that he is a hero'

      SPARKS, Nev. - By the time police arrived at Sparks Middle School near Reno, a young gunman had shot two of his fellow students as well as a school staffer.

      Witnesses, mostly students, say they heard shots from the school's outdoor basketball court and saw the staff member try to stop the shooter.

      "My personal belief is that is the case, but we've video we've got to review, people we've got to interview, but my estimation is that he is a hero," said Tom Robinson, deputy chief of the Reno Police Department.

      The hero staffer was one of two people who died in the shooting.

      The other was the student/suspect who's believed to have shot himself - for what reason, they can't say yet.

      Dozens of officers converged on the middle school on word of the shooting, and an elementary school nearby was evacuated.

      Even though the shooting ended in a matter of minutes, it's far from over.

      "This is such a tragic event that this is something that is going to take us some time to get through," Pedro Martinez, superintendent of the local schools.

      The two students shot are recovering at a local hospital.