Police: Teen goes on stabbing rampage at Pennsylvania high school

      PITTSBURG, Penn. - The morning calm at Franklin Regional High School outside Pittsburgh erupted into violence around 7:15 Wednesday morning just as students were arriving for class.

      A student being identified by police as 16-year-old Alex Hribal went on a rampage wielding two large knives, stabbing almost two dozen students.

      "Upon arrival what I saw were multiple victims in the grass area on the exterior of the school," said Thomas Seefeld, Chief of Police in Murrysville, Penn. "Further checking the first floor hallway revealed multiple victims."

      Panicked parents rushed to the scene searching for news of their children.

      The attack, which police said was over in 5 minutes, spread across several rooms and hallways.

      A quick-thinking student is being praised for pulling a fire alarm to warn others.

      "The fire alarm went off, I was walking towards the exit, and there was blood all over the floor," said student Zakery Amsler.

      Hribal was eventually confronted and restrained by the principal.

      "Mr. King immobilized him, pinned him down," said student Ian Griffith. "I jumped on top of him as well and just held down his wrist and arms and tried to keep the arms stationary."