Plague on piglets pushes up price of pork

      A virus never before seen in the United States has killed millions of piglets in less than a year, driving up the price of bacon and other pork products like center pork loin.

      "Normally they'd average about $8," said Arnold Fernandez at Country Meats Market. "Now they're about $12. The loin and the baby back ribs, these were averaging about the $3.50 a pound range. Now they're about the $6 a pound range.

      "This is very very unique," he said. "We haven't seen this probably since the '50s."

      The question remains: is there only so much demand for high-priced pork?

      "I know for a lot of families, it's going to depend on the price and they're going to depend on what they can afford," said Kathryn Haubold.