American captive released less than a week after ISIS executes journalist

      WASHINGTON -- Less than a week after Islamic militants killed an American hostage, another kidnapped American was set free.

      After a 2-week family vacation, President Obama is back at the White House Monday morning to oversee an increasing debate about how the US should handle the rise of ISIS and other terrorist groups in the middle east.

      Members of ISIS, or the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, executed American journalist James Foley on Wednesday. Officials with the British government say they've identified Foley's killer.

      Five days later a different Syria-based terrorist group released American author Peter Theo Curtis after he'd been held for two years.

      Curtis's mother in Massachusetts said in a statement: "Please know that we will be eternally grateful."

      Despite ISIS threats to kill another American if airstrikes continue in Iraq, the U.S. carried out two strikes on Sunday.

      Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee Mike Rogers said the group should be taken seriously beyond Iraq and Syria.

      "The reason ISIS is so successful is there was nothing deterring them for years. So they recruited, they financed, they trained. They are one plane ticket away from U.S. shores," Rep. Rodgers said.

      Some republicans urged the president to expand air strikes into Syria where ISIS is based.

      "One of the key decisions the president is going to have to make is air power in Syria. We cannot give them a base of operations," said Sen. John McCain.

      But polls show a majority of Americans are tiring of U.S. involvement in foreign conflicts.