'You have a 10:15 appointment? We see you at 10:15'

      CORVALLIS, Ore. - CareNow, the first convenience health clinic in the Corvallis/Albany area, has opened between a Qdoba and a Dutch Bros across from the Oregon State campus.

      "It's all very upfront," said Dr. Dennis Regan. "You'll know who you're going to see, when you're going to see them, how much its going to cost.)

      CareNow is a type of clinic designed to be quicker and more efficient than traditional urgent cares and emergency rooms.

      "If you're there with a sore throat, you're going to have to wait behind people who have abdominal pain, chest pain," said Norma Soffa, adult registered nurse practitioner at CareNow. "We don't - not one takes precedent over the other. You come in and you have a 10:15 appointment and we see you at 10:15."

      Staffed by nurse practitoners, it provides immunizations, treatment of minor illnesses and injuries, plus checkups and physicals.

      Their website allows you to schedule your appointment and see how much the service will cost.

      Located right across from the OSU campus on a retail block, students and people nearby can hop in and hop out.

      "Come in, be seen, get taken care of, get coffee, get some lunch, go back to the library," Regan said.

      Appointments can be booked online.