YMCA recruits public to persuade school district on historic ballpark

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      EUGENE, Ore. - The YMCA wants to expand to the Eugene Civic Stadium site, and they're asking for public support after its proposal came in behind a plan involving a retail chain.

      The Eugene 4J School District owns the property. A school district committee ranked the 4 proposals to lease the land to a Fred Meyer the best for the district.

      No final decision is expected until mid-February 2014. | Timeline

      The other proposals - from the City of Eugene and the Friends of Civic Stadium - hinge on preserving the grandstands.

      The Y, like the Fred Meyer group, plans to build on the ground, incorporating some elements of the property's past into the new construction.

      "We would also build an academic achievement center that would be part of this facility, and would complement what the schools are doing," said YMCA executive director Dave Perez. "Kids that are struggling would have tutoring and mentoring. But we'd also provide some opportunities for advanced educational experiences."

      Y patron Danielle Uhlhorn said the YMCA proposal is the most beneficial to the community.

      "I honestly believe that giving the 'Y' the opportunity to grow their programs and services in the community is far more valuable than another grocery store," Uhlhorn said.

      The YMCA has been in Eugene for 127 years, housed in the same building for almost 60 years.

      Maintaining the building is becoming increasingly difficult, according to YMCA officials. With 6,500 members, there are 34 parking spaces on-site. Patrons often use the South Eugene High School parking lot across the street.

      There will be a Eugene 4J School District Board Meeting on Wednesday, January 8, at 6:30 p.m. to discuss all four proposals.

      If you'd like to email the 4J School Board on your preference for the property, you can at

      A petition is circulating online ask the school board to reconsider the Y's proposal.

      The Eugene 4J School District is working on the following timeline:

      Jan. 8, 2014 Competitive Range of Proposals Scoring Forwarded to Board

      Jan. 8 to Jan. 29, 2014 Board Evaluation

      Jan. 15, 2014 Potential Interviews

      Jan. 31, 2014 Superintendent Recommendation

      Feb. 5, 2014 Board Discussion

      Feb. 19, 2014 Board Decision

      Four proposals

      Proposer: City of Eugene
      Development Proposal: Athletics/recreation venue. Preservation of stadium grandstands.

      Purchase Offer: $4.5 million for combined properties.

      Additional Details and/or Conditions: Contingent upon $5.5 million in private funding for renovation, maintenance, and operation, and business plan for review and approval by City Council by no later than January 26, 2013.

      Amenable to appropriately deed restriction to ensure property is used for intended purposes. Additional information will be provided upon further review.

      Proposer: Eugene Family YMCA with development partner Anslow & DeGeneault and Rick Duncan.

      Development Proposal: New Y facilities along with 1 &2family residential dwellings, primarily owner-occupied.

      Purchase Offer: $4 million for combined properties. Potentialfor long-term lease, terms TBD.

      Additional Details and/or Conditions: lnformation will be provided upon further review.

      Proposer: Powell Development / Fred Meyer

      Development Proposal: Mixed use development with Fred Meyer retail store.

      Purchase Offer: $5 million for combined properties. Alternative for ground lease in amount of $360,000 per year for 20 years with option to purchase land in 20 years.

      Additional Details and/or Gonditions: $10,000 per month non-refundable payment during "entitlement" period. Additional information will be provided upon further review

      Proposer: Save Civic Stadium dba Friends of Civic Stadium

      Development Proposal: Preservation of stadium grandstands. Sports and entertainment venue.

      Purchase Offer: $16.56 for the combined properties; "the current value of $1.00 in 1938."

      Additional Details and/or Conditions: lnformation will be provided upon further review.