Woman wants stricter leash laws after dog killed in park

      HARRISBURG, Ore. - Tucker was going to be 3 this year.

      "This is Tucker on Halloween," Charlene Jorgensen said, holding a photo of her furry friend. "I was the clown and he was the little ringmaster. We dressed up very Halloween."

      She said the Chihuahua-Maltese service dog was her best friend.

      "I suffer from anxiety and depression," Jorgensen said, "and the day I got him was the last day I had depression.

      "He made me smile every single morning and every time right before we went to sleep," she said. "He was just a really super dog."

      Jorgensen lost her friend at Riverfront Park on Monday.

      "Police officer came in and told me he'd been kill by this pit bull mix and it broke his neck so he died instantly," she said.

      Harrisburg law says dogs must be on a leash.

      The dog that killed Tucker was on a leash, the Linn County Sheriff's Office said, but had escaped from the owner who was walking him.

      The owner was cited for having a public nuisance. The family decided to put their dog down after the incident.

      "Other nuisance laws which says dogs can't trespass on other people's properties, they're not supposed to chase other individuals - whether they're human or animal. They can't bite," said Brian Latta, Harrisburg's city administrator. Jorgensen said she wants the law to be dogs always having to be on a leash, no matter where they are.