Woah! goes the neighborhood: 'We were just watching from the porch until they told us to go in'

      EUGENE, Ore. - Douglas Pittsley has lived in the same house on Royal Avenue for 25 years.

      He said this week was a little more action-packed than most.

      "We were just watching from the porch until they told us to go in," Pittsley said of Thursday night's commotion.

      Just before 9, Eugene Police got a call that two masked men were breaking into a home.

      At the time of the break-in, the resident was inside the house but was able to flee for help, police said.

      Witnesses said that when police arrived, the suspects were in their truck, ready to flee.

      "The police had all their car doors open and they were using the car doors for cover and they all had their guns drawn on the truck that was doing the burglary," Pittsley said.

      Police arrested 31-year-old Charles John Lapraim Jr. and 22-year-old Frederic Zeph Reeves on first degree burglary and possession of meth.

      The incident rattled the neighborhood.

      "I actually put up a beware of dog sign," said Cassie Pointer, "even though we don't have a dog."

      And it left neighbors wondering how well they know each other.

      "We say hi, that's about it," Pittsley said of the neighbor in the house where the break-in occured. "We don't really talk or nothing."

      Police said the homeowner - James Allen Dupre - was arrested a few hours later on a charge of unlawful delivery of methamphetamine within 1,000 feet of a school.