Wind, heavy rain expected through the weekend

      SPRINGFIELD, Ore. -- Public works departments say normal maintenance has them ready for the rainstorm that's sweeping the Northwest, however officials said they are still taking extra precautions to make sure the roadways stay clear.

      Crews from both cities were cleaning catch basins and curb inlets Friday to make sure they were free of debris.

      Loralyn Spiro of Springfield Public Works said the city storm drain systems can take on plenty of water.

      "The system still has capacity to take rainwater into it we don't expect localized flooding, if we do get some we want residents to call and report it to us," Spiro said.

      Gusts are expected to reach up to 30 miles per hour this weekend, accompanying the forecast of rain. Local utility and electric boards are at the ready should any power outages occur.

      Should you come upon a flooded street while driving around this weekend remember that it can be hazardous to your vehicle. Officials say if it's more than a couple inches you should consider taking an alternate route.