What is Oregon's 'Claim to Shame'?

      EUGENE, Ore. -- While each state has it's own unique traits, one company found that each also has a 'claim to shame.'

      The map, posted by comedy website Pleated Jeans, uses information from the U.S. Census Bureau and to compile shameful facts about each state.

      For example, South Carolina, highest number of mobile homes per capita. Mississippi, the hospitality state, has the highest obesity rate. Or Nevada, which boasts the nation's highest unemployment rate.

      The Beaver State's claim to shame is having the highest homeless population in the union, a fact taken from the National Association To End Homelessness.

      Oregonians who spoke to our news team said they weren't surprised.

      "It makes me sad. I don't know that it makes me shocked," said Eugene's Kaye Dean Lenox.

      SLEEPS protester Tin Man, who is also a spokesperson for the Whoville encampment, agreed with Lenox that the statistic wasn't surprising.

      "No. Not from what I've seen with my own eyes," Tin Man said.

      View the full list of state's shameful stats.