What hidden dangers may be lurking in your Halloween mask?

      EUGENE, Ore. -- While you are digging through the last-minute Halloween costume options for Thursday, Lane County Health Officials are offering a word of advice that might help narrow down your decision.

      Patrick Luedtke, MD. And Senior Public Health Officer says there are some viruses and bacteria that live at room temperature and could be living inside your costume or mask.

      Luedtke says Methicillin Staph infection (Methicillin Resistant Staphyloccus) is also a concern - it's a common and resistant to a string of antibiotics.

      He says although it is a risk we take during the Halloween season, it's nothing to be scared about. Instead Luedtke said it is something to be aware of.

      Jason Davis of Lane Public Health says if you do buy a mask at a store - sterilize it when you get home. He says you never know who tried on the mask or costume at the retailer before your purchase.

      Also, Davis asked you to be aware of your own hygiene - cough into your shoulder, wash your hands as often as possible, and use hand sanitizer whenever possible.