'We're starting a new chapter in the history of brewing in Albany'

      ALBANY, Ore. -- The Pacific Northwest is known for raising a pint to progress within the craft brewing community. It's a safe bet to say that most Oregon residents have a hometown brewery a stones throw away. Beer lovers in Albany welcomed the new Deluxe Brewery to the neighborhood on Saturday, getting to sample their new brews while also taking a look at the history behind the northwest hop revolution.

      Deluxe owner Eric Howard worked with the Albany Regional Museum to trace the town's brewing roots back to the 1800's with the Albany Brewing Company.

      "Since we're a new brewery we're starting a new chapter in the history of brewing in Albany," said Howard.

      Megan Lallier-Barron was one of the Albany Regional Museum representatives helping to pair a love of beer with the stories behind brewing.

      "You had a really broad group of people who would come out between August and September and pick hops, before there were machines that did that. You had this really interesting sort of cultural mix that occurred during that time," said Lallier-Barron.

      Deluxe has three primary beers on tap, but Howard said beer-loving history buffs got a taste of the Pre-Prohibition Pilsner.

      "We brew it with corn, and we use Willamette Valley hops. (It's) a more flavorful pilsner that you don't see today from the big breweries," said Howard.