'We're building back after several years of not having 4H in the county'

      EUGENE, Ore. -- It's been three years since children in Lane County could participate in 4-H programs.

      To help the program get back on its feet, the local 4-H chapter held a tack sale at the Oregon Horse Center.

      "It's really to fund and benefit the 4-H program in Lane County," said program coordinator Kate Hammarback. "We're building back after several years of not having 4H in the county."

      Club members like Kirsti Haley volunteered at the event, and say they're happy to do what they can for the program.

      "I know some of the 4-Hers went up to Benton County, but the fact that it's in my hometown. It's the people that are my neighbors and the people I grew up with. It's a great feeling to have it back in my county," said Haley.

      The tack sale was filled with all things equestrian, from saddles to cowboy hats. Proceeds go to fund the hands-on 4-H activities that teach kids of all ages about farming and animals.

      "In elementary school I was able to be part of the small animals," said Haley. "I like that aspect of the program. I had a guinea pig project... I learned so much from that."

      4-H member Melanie Sylvester said the lessons learned also apply outside of the program.

      "I also did horse knowledge. I did Hipology and Horsebowl," said Sylvester. "All of that knowledge helped me in my programs for school because I want to be a large animal vet so I got to learn from all of that to apply to my school."