'We'll move somewhere else: it's like playing chess'

      EUGENE, Ore. -- A group of SLEEPS protesters didn't move far Saturday night after they were asked to vacate an empty lot in north Eugene.

      The group who pitched their tents at the site known as "Whoville" near the intersection of River Road and the Northwest Expressway were given official notice to leave by Saturday evening.

      Many moved across the street, from the northwest corner of the intersection to the southwest corner.

      SLEEPS protester Steven Smith said the people in their movement will continue to shift locations as police cite them for "illegal camping".

      "(We'll) move somewhere else: it's like playing chess," Smith said. "Let's see where the next move is and how long it is before they figure out where they are and run us off again."

      Smith said he has been on the streets since he was 13, and agrees with the SLEEPS protest's message of providing homeless people with a safe place to camp overnight.

      As for what's next, Smith said he's not quite sure.

      "I don't know yet, we'll wait and see what happens, but we'll still be around," said Smith.