Week 2 of Gillette double murder trial comes to a close

      EUGENE, Ore. - The second week of Johan Gillette's double murder trial came to a close Friday with attorneys debating what testimony may be admissible in the defenses' case.

      The judge decided what information witnesses will be allowed to share with the jury, much of it related to victim James Gillette's character.

      Johan Gillette stands accused of murdering his father, James, and James' partner, Anne McLucas. Many of the events the defense wants to use in court stem from their deaths that happened years ago.

      The defense argued the court should hear from several people who say they experienced James Gillette's explosive anger and its impact on his kids.

      On Friday prosecutor Steven Morgan said James Gillette's past behaviors had little to do with what was going through the defendant's head during the alleged crimes.

      Considering both arguments, judge Ilisa Rooke-Ley struck a compromise.

      "I do think that the fact that the defendant Gillette experienced at the hands of his father fear, intimidation and belittling are all relevant," said Rooke-Ley.

      The judge decided witnesses could only be questioned about incidents that are part of Johan's testimony and events that took place in his presence.

      Later in the day, jurors heard from an Oregon State Police forensic scientist. She described to the court how bleach destroys DNA evidence.

      During the trial, the state has theorized Johan Gillette used bleach to clean up the crime scene.

      The trial resumes Tuesday.