'We essentially aren't making any money'

      ALBANY, Ore. - For the second time in nearly a month, an Albany grocery store is preparing to close its doors.

      Albertson's LLC, the parent company of Albertson's grocery stores, announced it is closing its only Albany location because it is "unprofitable."

      "A number of factors go in to what makes a store unprofitable, but we essentially aren't making any money at that location," said Dennis McCoy, Albertson's spokesman.

      The store south of Santiam Highway employs 68, and McCoy said that some of them will be laid off while others will be allowed to go to other job opportunities through their labor union contract.

      McCoy also said the Albany location is one of the smaller supermarkets the chain operates in the nation at less than 3,200 square feet.

      A Ray's grocery store closed last week. The Albany Chamber of Commerce told NewsSource 16 that the two grocery store closures is not a sign of the times in Albany from an economic standpoint.