Washington family subject of Amber Alert found in Oregon: Why no alert here?

      EUGENE, Ore. - An Amber Alert issued Thursday by police in Washington state came after a tip from the state's Department of Social Health Services.

      Authorities caught up with the Mill Creek, Wash., woman and her two children at the Albertson's grocery store on Coburg Road in Eugene.

      "There were 4 cop cars, fire truck, and an ambulance," said witness Josh White. "They were parked here at the Albertson's and there were 4 or 5 cops surrounding a red vehicle."

      The "red vehicle" was the Land Rover depicted in the Amber Alert seeking Sajza Henry and her children, Tyrel and Alexandria.

      Henry called a family member from a landline in Albertson's, which was how they were able to track her down.

      Police in Washington said the mother and children are all safe now, but there was serious concern for the health of 2-year-old Tyrel, who is cared for by a registered nurse and family member at home.

      "Sajza had been diagnosed with some untreated medical health conditions, and it was also a concern for their 2-year-old Tyrel because Tyrel needs 24-hour nursing care," said Officer Ian Durkee with the Mill Creek, Wash., police department.

      Even though the search ended in Oregon, Oregonians didn't receive an Amber Alert. Each state has their own way of activating it.

      "Every Amber Alert has to go through Oregon State Police" in Oregon, explained Julie Willard with OSP. "In Washington, they do it by county, and each county has the authority to activate or not activate."

      Durkee with Mill Creek police said that when the Amber Alert was issued, they weren't sure if Henry planned on leaving the state.

      "We didn't know exactly where she was headed to other than she was probably headed to a male friend's home, and we weren't even sure if that was in the state of Washington," he said.

      The Amber Alert did appear on and the KMTR Facebook page in cooperation with news partner in Seattle.

      The case remains under investigation. Henry may face neglect charges for taking her son away from necessary medical care, according to authorities in Washington state.